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Elevated Forage Storage Unit



THE MISSING LINK - A subject that is often overlooked when planning a dairy or beef cattle research facility is an adequate means of storing and handling forage ingredients intended to be used in small mobile mixing vehicles. The Calan Elevated Forage Boxes represent a well engineered solution to this common problem.

pho_16.jpg FINGERTIP CONTROL - The operator of a Data Ranger with a flip of a switch can draw forage from a 12" discharge auger that extends through the feed mixing room wall. This approach affords easy access to forage and rapid filling of Data Rangers.


In developing a complete feed handling system for an animal research center it is often necessary to provide interim storage of forage materials. The characteristics of forage preclude the use of common grain storage bins. Special bins equipped with live bottoms are required in order to guarantee flowability. The Elevated Storage Unit is designed specifically to work in concert with the Data Ranger. Usually two or more elevated forage storage units are used at a research facility. The units are positioned under cover but outside of the feed mixing room. The purpose of this arrangement is to allow forage to be loaded into the elevated forage storage units with a front end loader without having to pen and close the doors of the feed mixing room. If possible bunker silos should be located close enough to the research barn to facilitate direct fill of the forage boxes with a large front end loader. The Calan Elevated Forage Storage Boxes are fitted with a 12 inch discharge auger, positioned at right angles to the length of the forage box. The auger extends through the feed room wall at a height of 72 inches. The Data Rangers can conveniently pass under the discharge auger. The operator activates a switch which controls the entire unloading mechanism of the elevated feeding boxes. The desired amount of feed is weighed into the Data Ranger through the use of the Data Ranger scales. The Elevated Forage Storage Box is powered by a 5HP electric motor. Using two or more forage storage boxes makes two or more forage ingredients available at any one time. In addition to the Elevated Forage Storage Box other concentrate storage bins are usually positioned outside of the feed mixing room with standard 4 or 6 inch augers extending through the wall at a height convenient to Data Rangers. These augers are generally organized in a cluster to minimize the number of stops. Forage boxes are available in various capacities and are capable of handling most feed ingredients with the exception of long hay.

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