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Unitron Swine System



Electronic recognition of the pig's ear sensor key controls its access to an individual ration. Researchers can manage and document the feed intake of each animal in the pen.


INDIVIDUAL RATIONS, GROUP HOUSING AND UNBIASED INDIVIDUAL DATA - Unitron allows normal competitive feeding behaviors among individual pigs within a group. While preserving feed security. Without restricting the animals.


The Unitron Swine System uses a scientific approach to animal trials designed expressly for swine research. UNITRON dispenses individual rations to each animal in a common trial pen. Researchers easily and accurately control individual diets, collect individual data and maintain animals in a group.

The basic UNITRON component is an electronically controlled feeding unit for one pig. Multiple units link together to form a modular feeding system for up to 12 different animals housed loosely in one common pen - an accurate, dependable swine research system.

UNITRON is an adaptation of the Calan Broadbent Feeding System to the special physiological needs of swine; one pig, one ration, one door, one key. And it provides the same benefits: greater experimental precision with fewer research animals and the economic efficiency of group management.

1) Each pig is assigned its own Unitron.
2) Rations are contained and dispensed by the Unitron's feed Hopper.
3) The stall is sized to fit only one pig at a time and is adjustable.
4) The Unitron feed hopper can handle any type of grain ration.
5) The Unitron feed hopper is equipped with a ration recovery drawer.
6) The Unitron Swine System gives researchers control over each pig's diet.
7) The mathematical model for individual animal experiments conducted with a common pen requires up to two-thirds fewer animals.

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