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Data Ranger

pho_5.jpg PICTURE 4 The Vehicle
The Data Ranger is built for easy maneuverability and low maintenance. The quick steering, three-wheeled hydraulically driven vehicle handles moderately rough terrain and negotiates moderate grades when fully loaded. Forward and reverse drive is designed for repeated start and stop operation. The Briggs & Stratton 16 HP electric start gasoline engine has a traveling speed of 0-5 MPH and a four hour fuel capacity.



The result? More accurate data. Greater labor efficiency.

AMERICAN CALAN , long recognized as a leader in the technology of individualized animal feeding systems, designed the Data Ranger to meet the specialized needs of research installation for precise feed management -- from the storage bin, to each animal, to the data bank.

The DATA RANGER is a modern research tool, a state-of-the-art machine which brings the daily routines of feeding animals in line with advances in research design and analysis. Fast, efficient, accurate and smart. The computer-equipped Data Ranger is the missing technological link between the research facility's feed room and the researcher's data processing system. From ration formulation through refuse weigh-back, the Data Ranger stores, retrieves and processes all the data generated in the entire animal feeding program. Its microprocessor uses software designed expressly for animal research. Programmable for up to 15 different feed recipes, each containing up to 10 ingredients, the Data Ranger calculates, weighs, records and mixes rations for one animal or many. The machine transports, dispenses and weighs-back feed, maintaining transaction data for up 400 animal identities. Data can be transferred electronically from the Data Ranger to a host computer or printer.


Built and tested for research, the multi-purpose Data Ranger is engineered for precise, labor efficient feed and data handling operations.


  • is programmable for up to 15 ration recipes, each with a maximum of 10 ingredients.
  • operates in kilograms to one tenth of a kilo and in standard pounds to two tenths of a pound.
  • calculates the amount of each ingredient required based on the selected recipe and total ration desired.
  • monitors the scale system measuring the rate at which material is being loaded.
  • signals operator at 10 seconds, 3 seconds and immediately before the target ingredient amount is reached.
  • maintains single ingredient required and actual loaded data for each batch, as well as cumulative ingredient and batch totals.
  • can secure recipe values.
  • has a memory that is protected by a back-up lithium battery.
  • handles grass silage, corn silage, haylage, ground concentrate, pellets or by-product feeds, including molasses.
  • provides thorough, trouble-free mixing of all ingredients in one minute while en route to feed troughs.
  • has a mixer drum that holds up to 40 cubic feet of rations.
  • loads by hand, conveyor or directly from feed bin chute.
  • have industrial standard weight transducers that are accurate to within one-quarter of one percent of applied load.
pho_6.jpg PICTURE 5

BATCHING - Figuring the mixer's capacity by weight depends on the density of the ration. A full 40 cubic foot load of corn silage based total mix ration might weigh about 330 kilos. A full batch of straight pelleted grain could weigh as much as 600 kilos.


The Microprocessor:

  • stores up to 400 individual animal identities and their individual target feed quantities.
  • displays target feed amount to be dispensed when the animal identity number is entered.
  • date & time stamps all feeding and weigh-back transactions as they occur.
  • allows operator to dispense an alternative quantity of feed.
  • signals operator when the programmed cut-off amount is unloaded.
  • records the actual amount of feed dispensed.
  • two way communication permits uploading of new animal IDs and feed target values.
  • inventories total quantities of feed ingredients used in the entire feed trial.
The Unload Elevator:
  • has a variable speed, hydraulic drive motor which powers a continuous chain, paddle elevator.
  • dispenses a smooth ribbon of feed, from a trickle to full throat delivery.
  • delivers feed from a 45" height to accommodate high-walled feed troughs.
  • empties mixer drum completely.
pho_7.jpg PICTURE 6  (feed weigh-back)

FAST, EFFICIENT, ACCURATE AND SMART - The total daily chore-time spent feeding cows individually twice a day using the Calan Data Ranger, including record keeping, weigh-back and data transfer is about 4 to 5 minutes per animal. For research purposes when precise individual data is needed, feed bunks used with the Data Ranger should safeguard the ration against unrecorded losses from poaching, throwing or contamination. Here the operator recovers feed from a Calan Mobile Test-Tub, specially designed to securely contain rations for confined dairy cattle. So that data collected during the day accurately reflect what the animal received and consumed.


The Feed Weigh-Back Mode:

  • streamlines leftover feed recovery, weighing and recording tasks, reducing to seconds the time required to conduct an animal weigh-back operation.
  • converts quickly from Dispensing Mode to Weigh-Back Mode by locking the feed/mix mechanisms, attaching the vacuum hose and engaging the vacuum system.
  • allows operator to enter animal identity number, then vacuums leftover material -- at a rate of one pound per second.
  • weighs and records the amount of recovered feed, thereby eliminating the possibility for human error common to manual operations.
  • Dates and time stamps weigh-back transactions.
  • handles all common feed ingredients, except long hay.

pho_8.jpg PICTURE (?) Scale Indicator - need current photo of same.



The Data Ranger owes its performance capabilities to its unique, state-of-the-art electronics -- the on-board microprocessor. This sophisticated yet simple-to-use computer manages all feed transactions conducted by the Calan Data Ranger and documents them as well. Then it sends the data to the researcher's office computer.

The microprocessor's exclusive built-in software package, Trial Track II, enables the Calan Data Ranger to perform specialized feed data functions. Precise, individual feed documentation begins the moment a ration recipe is programmed into the microprocessor.

  • Data generated in each operational mode -- ration recipes, animal identities, cut-off target values, actual feed dispensed, weigh-back data and date and time of transaction is monitored, recorded and stored.
  • While conducting daily feeding routines, the operator can recall any portion of the animal's current feed record for immediate review on the microprocessor display.
  • Data records can be transferred directly from the Data Ranger to the researcher's data processing system via a standard RS-232 serial port hookup. Or data can be down-loaded to a portable computer or data-logger.

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