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Company Description

pho_1.jpg PLANNING AN ANIMAL RESEARCH FEED AND DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM STARTS WITH NEEDS ASSESSMENT. American Calan president Doug Briggs and a staff engineer review building specifications and experimental criteria with a researcher. Then, from technical drawings through manufacturing and installation, backed by experienced personal service, American Calan delivers a feed and documentation system equal to the demands of today's research programs. Efficient, precise and productive. For new and existing facilities.


    If you are a nutritionist, reproductive physiologist, animal behaviorist, or director of a dairy/livestock research center, you will be very interested in discovering American Calan. We are a specialized technology based company directed toward providing equipment and management systems related to conducting "large animal" research studies. We have developed a line of equipment for use in individually feeding dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats and swine. The equipment also extracts feed intake data and transfers these data to your in-house data processing system.

    You are only too familiar with discussions about the quality and cost of research. How can you generate more data and improve its statistical power-while, at the same time, keeping budgets in line without curtailing any research activities.

    Your goal is progress. Your resources are limited. You want to reduce cost inputs -- animals, buildings, labor, equipment, feed -- and you want to increase data output. You want efficiency, but not at the expense of accuracy. What you need is the greatest possible yield of useful information from each and every research animal. And that's how American Calan can help . American Calan is an internationally recognized leader in feed management technology. We have worked closely with research scientists for more than a decade. We understand the specialized, exacting nature of managing animals for experimental purposes: the need to reliably control individual feeding, to precisely mix and dispense many different ration batches, to recover and weigh leftover feed, to accurately document all feed transactions.

    These essential time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks take a considerable portion of every research budget. In our experience, reducing the cost of research means maintaining just enough animals to produce statistically significant information and reproducible results. Research efficiency requires feeding and documentation systems designed exclusively for animal research. And that's what American Calan provides.


An electronic recognition system which allows researchers to dispense individual diets to animals housed in a group-reduces by two-thirds the number of animals required per trial and provides the economic and behavioral advantages of group management.

A computer-equipped self-propelled vehicle that manages feed handling and feed data collection with precision and efficiency-batches, mixes, dispenses and weighs-back feed and links the animal trial to the researcher's data processing system.

A specialized line of fiberglass ration containers engineered for the rigorous requirements of animal trials, as well as for the physical and behavioral needs of a research species. To individually feed group-housed animals, E-Z Tilt Test-Tubs work with the Calan Broadbent Feeding System to secure rations against stealing, spilling or contamination. For confinement-housed dairy cattle, Mobile Test-Tubs control individual feeding programs and ensure ration security.

An electronically controlled feeding system that allows researchers to distribute grain or forage based rations to individual animals. This system consists of miniaturized version of the Calan Broadbent Feeding Doors. The system also embodies the use of appropriately designed test tubs to accommodate small ruminant animals. We have successfully developed systems that function effectively with young animals through their growth phase to maturity.

Electronically controlled feeding units for group-housed pigs that securely contain and dispense individual rations to each animal in a common trial pen-gives researchers the means to control and document individual feed intake.

In developing a complete feed handling system for an animal research center it is often necessary to provide interim storage of forage materials. The characteristics of forage preclude the use of common grain storage bins. Special bins equipped with live bottoms are required in order to guarantee flowability. The Elevated Forage Storage Unit is designed specifically to work in concert with the Data Ranger.

A special purpose manually operated cart equipped with a microprocessor weighing system that can weigh a variety of items ranging from crates of chickens, baby pigs, to feed rations and orts. This unit can record individual weights and transfer these weights to your in-house data processing system. The unit is simple to operate and can be utilized in confined areas.

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